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rulebook applied to the master rule revised in April 2020! Also pay attention to the enclosed card !! The 
long-awaited latest "Yu-Gi-Oh OCG" rulebook is released !! It corresponds to the "Master Rule (April 1, 2020 revised version)" that will be applied from April 2020! 
[Bundled card] 
★ "Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" 
New text & new illustration version! !

Corresponds to the "Master Rule (revised April 1, 2020)" in which the rules for special summons from the EX deck have been updated! The latest rulebook for "OCG" sent to all duels from beginners to advanced players! !!

1 Update rules & Duel basics / 2 Master rules (revised April 1, 2020) / 3 Yu-Gi-Oh OCG test