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Shape Up is the new fitness game coming for Xbox One in November 2014. Shape Up is built on the idea that when you have fun, you get better results. 

Here’s what’s up: when you’re having fun, you get a better workout because you work harder. Shape Up features fun and entertaining 90-second exercise challenges that turn the chore of working out into an experience that’s actually fun. 

Simple. Fun. Effective. Take the work out of the workout, and try Shape Up for yourself.

  • UNEXPECTED WORKOUT EXERCISES Tired of the same old workout routine? Punch asteroids for a cardio workout instead, or squat your way to the moon for a deep quad burn. Oh, and you can bench-press an elephant, too
  • PLAY A WHOLE BUNCH OF DIFFERENT WAYS Target specific groups in 90-second rapid-fire training bursts, take on a four-week goal-oriented Quest mode, or challenge your friends online for bragging rights
  • NEXT-GEN CAMERA Play as you on screen using next-gen camera technology. Full-body tracking enables Shape Up to get a precise read on your movements
  • YOU VS. YOU Play with other people. It’s totally up to you! With rePLAY motion capture and storage technology, you can record a workout and compete against yourself, or try to exert your physical will over the Internet by sharing with friends online.
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