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Explore, Built and Conquer the World of Minecraft:
After the success of its predecessors, Minecraft will now explore its way to the Xbox One. This edition is built to take advantage of the console’s features and power, so ready your mind to be conquered by the game’s larger maps, bigger adventures and expanded multiplayer features! The phenomenal video game Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is developed by 4J Studios in conjunction with Mojang and Microsoft Studios.

The Limitless Place:
Minecraft Xbox One Edition is not just a version exclusive for Xbox One, but a game that offers many advanced and exciting features. Create your own world in this sandbox-like environment or used the split-screen mode and play with your friends, or play with someone in Xbox Live and make a new friend! Block world lovers will be immersed in this edition as they can now construct in a whole new different level, because this world is limitless, just create and built to your heart’s content! Remember; create a safe place before night as monsters roam this world at dark!