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Out of stock
Product Name: Weiss Schwarz Booster Pack Fujimi Fantasia Bunko BOX 

JAN: 4573414713522 

Fujimi Fantasia Bunko of war !! popular light novel is to Weiss 

! In the booster pack, Trial Deck + more work recording in addition to recording works (plus) 


[ Item ] 

Is this a zombie ?, High School DxD, Student Council's Discretion, Nochou Nochou and Conspiracy Scripture (Akasick Records), Dating, A live and more! 

Trial deck + (plus) and booster pack are on sale simultaneously! 

※ This product will be sold in BOX. 

[Set contents] 

1BOX = 16 packs. 1 pack = 9 cards. Random inclusion from 100 species + parallel (planned). It is not necessarily all in one box.