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Total card types: 84
(VR: 4/ RRR: 8/ RR: 12/ R: 17/ C: 43) +SVR: 4 + OR: 4 + IMR: 1/ SCR: 4
each pack will include 2 cards with R and above.   

New rarity
Imaginary Rare: manga art of Aichi as Blaster blade
Secret Rare: Character Gift marker with voice actor/actress hot stamp sign. 
Origin Rare: Some cards will receive the old art with new ability.   

Imaginary gift 
When you ride a Unit with Gift icon, you will gain a specific Gift marker.

Accel - 1 Additional RG circle in the front row and it gets POWER +10000 during your turn.
Force - Select 1 VG or RG circle and place the marker on it. During your turn that circle gets POWER +10000!
Protect - Add this card to your hand and It can work as a perfect guard.

4 pack campaign:
Players will receive 1 Special pack with every purchase of 4 packs(8 types)(2 cards per pack)
- Royal paladin & Aichi Marker
- Kagerou & Kai Marker
- Oracle think tank & Misaki Marker
- Nova grappler & Kamui Gift marker

- Royal paladin (Force)
- Kagerou (Force)
- Oracle think tank (Protect)
- Nova grappler (Accel)

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