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7 cards in 1 package & 12 packages - box

-Recorded the trump cards used by the three anime [Nita Shinemon], [Tachibana Tatsuya] and [Meijin Crown] appearing in the TV anime new series !
-A deck that uses the new ability [star range] that appeared from the 7 boosters [Shinra Shinra] with [Genesis] used by [Nitta Shinemon] and 9 trial decks [Nitta Shinemon] Strengthen! You can build a reinforced deck that brings together the power of the stars that have appeared so far!
-“Angel Feather” used by [Tachibana Tatsuya] has strengthened the effects related to the damage zone, such as a card that demonstrates a powerful effect with the damage received by itself!
In addition, cards that focus on Imaginary Gift Protect II are also included!
-[Gear Chronicle] is equipped with a gimmick that becomes stronger as you use your hand, allowing for more aggressive battles! In addition, because the unit that binds and demonstrates the effect is also recorded, you can further strengthen the way of fighting so far! In addition, the card [Chronofang Tiger] of [Myojin Crown] is included!
-8 types of reprints are [Prime Plaster] [Critical Hit Angel] [Prison Guardian Angel Shemihaza] [Buketos Messenger] [Sunny Smile Angel] [Steam Bomber Jiggle] [Korokoro Worker] [Steam Doctor Martarsh]
-1 VR or SVR is always included in 1BOX!

[Recording clan]
-Genesis (Force)
-Angel Feather (Protect)
-Gear Chronicle (Force)

[Number of card types]
-Total 62 species [51 new species, 15 reprints]
-VR: 3 types / RRR: 6 types / RR: 9 types / R: 15 types / C: 33 types + parallel types

Condition: New

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