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★Appendix Card
 ・Yu-Gi-Oh OCG DM "Dragnity-Gizam"
 ・Battle Spirits "Dragon Knight Verzalis"
☆Digital Appendix Code
 / Digital Code 4 Title Code Bag
   JUMP FORCE Deluxe Edition/
   Dragon Quest X Online/
   Captain Tsubasa RISE OF NEW CHAMPIONS

◆The Scop of VJump

◆Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Structures Guide
◆Gaming Lady

[Game App]
◆Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Mysterious Key SP of Il and Luka
◆Pokemon Snap
◆Rockman VR A virtual world aimed at! !!
◆Marvel's Avengers
◆Project Sekai colorful stage! feat. Hatsune Miku
◆Puyo Puyo Programming
◆Giraffe and Annika
◆Shin Megami Tensei III HD Version
◆Say the Spire
◆Summer Vacation

◆Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Manga/Masashi Sato
◆Dragon Ball Super Original/Akira Toriyama Manga/Toyorou
   -Supervision: Masashi Kishimoto Manga: Mikio Ikemoto Script: Ukyo Kodachi
◆Dragon Quest Sora no Sora
   Manga/Supervision by Satoshi Nakajima/Yuji Horii Cooperation/Square Enix
◆Slime Dawn! ! Kaneko Osamu
◆The road to Victory Asada's top class! ! ! Kasayuji
◆Let's go with the dog Mayuge Ishizuka 2 Yuko


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