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A lot of carefully selected parts that enhance the performance of Neo VQS]
-A special pack that includes a Neo VQS kit and tune-up parts for racing.
-Neo VQS, which features an edgy style and light running, coordinates the body with smoke color and the VZ chassis with black and clear yellow.
-The metallic sticker is also set with a special design.
-Attention tune-up parts include a light dash motor with a good balance of torque and speed, front wide stays made of FRP, and rear brake stays, and the brakes and stabilizer poles are perfectly set.
-The mass damper that suppresses the bounce after jumping and the super hard type small diameter low height tires are combined to greatly improve the completion rate of the high speed course with intense ups and downs.
-In addition, the hollow propeller shaft, high-speed EX counter gear, carbon reinforced gear, and other points that cannot be overlooked are weight reduction and upgrade of the drive system.
-This kit is recommended for racers aiming for a higher-grade run, packed with key items to improve the performance of Neo VQS.

[VZ which evolved VS chassis]
-The VZ chassis is a further refinement of the performance of the compact, lightweight, short wheelbase VS chassis that has been used in racing for a long time and is highly reliable.
-The strength of the bumper, rear stay base, propeller shaft bearing, etc. has been increased while maintaining the excellent features of the VS chassis such as small turning performance and high maintainability.
-The point is the moderate `bending` that absorbs the impact. In addition to the rear roller stay, the front bumper can also be split.
-The degree of freedom of setting is also greatly improved.
-And the shaft bearing uses 620 plastic bearing made of POM resin with low frictional resistance.
-A parts such as the chassis body and gear cover are made of ABS resin, and the gear ratio is set to 3.7: 1.

[Basic specifications]
-Overall length 159mm, total width 104mm, total height 43mm when completed
-With motor
-Body = ABS resin (smoked)
-VZ chassis body = ABS resin (black), A parts = ABS resin (clear yellow)
-Tire = Super Hard Small Diameter Low Height (Black)
-Wheel = A spoke (yellow)
-Gear ratio = 3.7: 1
-With metallic stickers
-It can be assembled by fitting and screwing without using adhesive.

[Attached tune-up parts]
-Light dash motor
-FRP front wide stay (× 2)
-FRP multi-strengthening plate (× 2)
-FRP rear brake stay
-Brake sponge (2mm thick, blue / red)
-13mm low friction plastic roller (× 6)
-2mm cap screw (25mm x 2/30mm x 2)
-1.4mm hollow lightweight propeller shaft
-Carbon reinforced gear G13 / 8T pinion
-High speed EX counter gear (3.7: 1)
-Super hard small diameter low height tire (black)
-Side mass damper set

[What you need separately]
-Two AA batteries
* The photo shows the kit assembled and stickers attached.

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Item Size/Weight : 23 x 14 x 5.5 cm / 242g

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