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 What is Space Rail Toys ?

Spacerail is also called Spacewarp or Roller Coaster. It is an A Model Building toys like Blocks, Or called Do-It-yourself (DIY) Toys. All Parts of the toys are seperated originally. you have to find it out, seperated them and combine them into the model.

When the model is built.We start to put the ball at the beginning of rails, then balls go down the track and sometimes do roller coaster. when it goes well and arrive at the end of the rail, it will also be lift to the top through the Battery-operated ladder, and running once again. It keeps cycling movement.


How Many Items Are SpaceRail ?

It is an toy both Classic and Innovative. Engineers continue to invent new products in the past few years.Now we have more than 20 Items of Spacerail. Including these series.

  1. Classic series     ( 9 items, Level 1-9)     ----- The higher the level, the harder
  2. Beginners series ( 2 items, Level 1-2)   ----- For beginners 
  3. Dark light series  ( 6 items )                     -----The only difference is the rail can be a little green-lights at the dark
  4. Innovative series ( 3 items )                     -----This style is quite different from classic ones, Creative and like a                                                                                                             Physics teaching toys, you could watch it in video. 



The Suggestion For Selecting A Spacerail

  • The assembling is from easy to hard, and step by step. if you are a new comer, you had better buy a beginner’s level.
  • It is also a good gift for kids, especially for boys, It is not that easy so we suggest the age for above 8. and also for adult.
  • The most difficult challenge is the Level 9 (Item No. 231-9) I think many people should build it for a few days.


Tips For Building

  • For new comers, Please follow the illustration book. It will help you a lot.
  • Separate and identify different accessories at the beginning
  • The length of different rail should be cut carefully and accurately, test of running the ball and make adjustment until it is ok.


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