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Fully compatible with mystery rules!
New Starter [ Wei] [Shu] [Wu] [group] [Han] of the five released !!

◆ pre-built deck 50 sheets and the mystery card four set! This alone ready-to-play possible!
so far have been released in the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms Cards are carefully selected from the "Taisen TCG" series, and the deck is built so that you can fully enjoy the fun of "Sangokushi Taisen TCG" with this one starter deck.
In addition, the content is fully compatible with the new rule "Mystery" that was added after the release of the new starter deck of the previous product.

◆ There are 3 types of limited cards that can only be obtained with this product! There are 3 types of
limited cards.
One newly drawn female military commander card, one military commander card using the illustration of the arcade version "Sangokushi Taisen", and one mysterious card using the illustration of the arcade version "Sangokushi Taisen".
* The number of cards recorded varies depending on the contents of the deck.

◆ "New Starter Deck 2" is fully linked with "Draft Pack" & "15th"!
"New Starter Deck 2" is linked with the products released before and after.
[Wei] [蜀] [Group] will be released in January 2016, "15th Booster Pack", and [Wu] [Han] will be released in December 3, 2015 in "Draft Pack". Contains cards to strengthen.
If you get used to playing with "New Starter Deck 2", let's strengthen the deck with a booster pack!

■ Product details
◆ 54 cards (50 decks + 4 mystery cards)
◆ Quick rule sheet & 1 paper play mat
◆ Rules One manual.
* 3 types of limited cards included (new ability)
1 type of limited card using newly drawn illustrations
2 types of limited cards using illustrations of the arcade version Sangokushi Taisen series

Packaging box is for protection only. Dents or scratches on
the packaging box surface caused by delivery are not included
in the Exchange & Refund policy.

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