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  • ◆ Total sales exceeded 100,000! ◆ "Kinashi" has been reborn as slightly safer and higher-performance slightly acidic electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid water)! ● Bacterial elimination cannot be eliminated with conventional alcohol or ethanol. It is an effective product for removing a wide range of viruses and bacteria. In addition, it is a high-performance disinfecting and deodorizing spray that can instantly deodorize the "odor" that is bothersome.
  • The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and public health centers recommend the use of "hypochlorous acid solution" for the elimination of the causative bacteria.However, this product is a product that has achieved that value, Bacterial power of 99.9%. "
  • The slightly acidic electrolyzed water, a raw material, is a substance derived from food additives that are also used for sanitizing foods such as tap water and vegetables, so "Babys, those with delicate skin, and rough hands with alcohol are troubled. It is a safe product for people and pets.
  • The perfect bactericidal and deodorant “Bacterium-free” is active in every scene, from medical facilities, nursing care and welfare facilities, nursery schools, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, accommodation facilities, pet shops, and ordinary households. [At home]: When you return home, remove bacteria and deodorize your fingers and clothes with a single blow. In the kitchen, it is effective for disinfecting cutting boards, kitchen knives, tableware, vegetables, tables, etc., disinfecting and deodorizing garbage and drains, disinfecting sofas and bedding, bathrooms and toilets, and preventing mold.
  • After sweating through exercise, etc., refresh with "Shutsu Ippuki!"

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