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Japan's famous 'CPU' goddesses finally heads to PS Vita in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century! A remake of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, this new version of the game features expanded story, new scenarios, revamped battle system, an even more zany comedy, and dual voice overs via free Japanese audio downloadable content. Join Neptune along with her irresistible CPU goddesses sisters as they forge their adventures to the west!

After suddenly being transported to an alternate world of Gamindustri in the year 1980's, Neptune finds herself stuck between time/space and rift of the said world. Making things worse, she is faced against the so called “Seven Sages” that seeks to create a world without the CPUs! Join Neptune along with her new found friends in her quest back home and in stopping the impending dangers that would cause havoc in the current world she's in and in the dimension she calls home.

Enjoy the game's revamped combat system that lets players customize combos with up to five moves allowing for a whole new ways to defeat enemies! Play through the game's new story and added scenarios that unlocks upon beating the game once. With the game’s Remake System, modify the world of Gamindustri by creating “plans” that alter enemy difficulty, dungeon treasures, and so much more! A revamped and improved Stella's Dungeon will also be featured in the game along with customizable powerful equipments that unlocks the true power of the CPUs!

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