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Hi-end next generation arcade style controller

  • PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3 (First Dual Modded VLX)
  • Original Hori Parts: Joystick: Hayabusa | Buttons: Hayabusa Matte Short Throw
  • Touchpad (For Compatible PS4 Games)
  • Original Vewlix Button Layout
  • Share Button (To capture those hype moments)
  • Stick Toggle Switch - Toggle between Dpad, L Analog Stick, R Analog Stick Functionality
    PS3/PS4 Toggle Switch - Toggle between PS3 and PS4 compatibility mode
  • Dimensions: W 22.44 in x L 10.24 in x H 5.51 in
  • Weight: 12.13 lbs (Heavy Weight for stability)
  • Officially Licensed by Taito