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Improve command input accuracy / increase input response speed

The design of the electronic circuit / lever unit has been reviewed, and higher response speed / command input accuracy has been achieved.


Can be used on PC with XInput support

Direction keys, 11 buttons, left and right analog triggers, and left and right analog sticks are supported.

System requirements 
・ Windows®10 / 8.1 / 8/7 
・ USB port ・ Internet connection environment


* Left / right analog trigger and left / right analog stick cannot be operated in analog. 
* This product does not support DirectInput.


Improved operability with HAYABUSA unit

Equipped with a stick lever and button unit “HAYABUSA” developed as a newly developed unit for arcades.

Stereo headphone / microphone jack

Stereo headphone / microphone jack is mounted on the front of this product. A headset can be connected directly to this product, 
and video distribution, voice chat, etc. can be done easily. (Cannot be used with PlayStation®3 or PC.)

Stick switching function

By changing the stick switch, the direction of the wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®4), 
wireless controller (DUALSHOCK®3), wireless controller (SIXAXIS®), etc. on the stick lever (direction key) and 
the function of the left stick or right stick Can be assigned.


Assign mode (button function switching) function

By switching the assign mode switch, 
the functions of the other buttons can be assigned to each L1, L2, and OPTIONS (START) button or disabled.


Assigned button functions 
○ button / × button / △ button / □ button / L1 button / L2 button / L3 button / R1 button / R2 button / R3 button / 
Touchpad button (PlayStation®4 only) / SELECT button (PlayStation®3 only)


* Multiple buttons cannot be assigned to one button. 
* When other button functions are assigned to the OPTIONS button, the OPTIONS button function is assigned to the TURBO button.


Blaze / blur hold function

The blaze function and blaze hold function can be set in 3 stages (approximately 5, 12, 20 times / second). 
[Burst hold]: The blaze hold function keeps the blaze state without pressing any buttons. (It turns off when the button is pressed.)


Button capable of setting fire

Stick Lever (Direction Key) Up / Down / Left / Right * / ○ Button / × Button / △ Button / □ Button / L1 Button / L2 Button / 
R1 Button / R2 Button


* The stick lever (direction key) cannot be set to the continuous hold function vertically, horizontally, or horizontally. Also, if the stick switch is set to LS or RS, you cannot set the fire and fire hold function.


Equipped with hardware switching function

By switching the hardware selector switch, this product 
can be used on either PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, or PC .


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