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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the highest-rated sports game over the last nine years,MLB 15:The Showwill continue to prove that Baseball is Better!MLB 15: The Showwill introduces the most immersive and exciting baseball experience ever in the MLB franchise with its well-refined graphics, improved gameplay mechanics and tons of exciting new features for the fans of the sport to enjoy!

For the first time ever in the series,MLB 15: The Showwill partner with the most recognized real-world licenses in the sport that will bring MLB-accurate gears such as bats and gloves to give players that ultra-realistic feel of the game. Furthermore,MLB 15: The Showwill bring new and improved features such as a wider array of player emotions and personalities, overhauled modes, and revamped commentaries alongside major graphical enhancements that features better lightning effects, seasonal day/night transitions, gloss and so much more!

Baseball is bigger and better than ever! The most challenging season in the MLB series is here together with the helpful year-to-year save feature that lets players continue their progress from the previous title into the new ones, so there’ll be no need to start all over again! A roster of 30 timeless MBL-Alumni legends spanning from the last 70 years of the baseball era will return into the field and players can get a chance of finding these historic virtual cards throughout the game!

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