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Complete new work appears in the mobile LCD toy “Digital Monster” series! Diabolomon, Tyranomon and other popular Digimon X-evolved and recorded for the first time!
~ Digimon chosen by fan vote also X-evolve! ~

New monster “Digital Monster X” which many “X antibody Digimon” which achieved “X-evolution” different from ordinary evolution is carried out in the portable liquid crystal breeding game “Digital Monster” series appeared. Also included are X Antibody Digimon such as “Beelzebumon (X antibody)”, “Srapapon (X antibody)”, “Rinomon (X antibody)”, and Digimon such as “Cistamon shell” and “Dememon” that first appeared in portable liquid crystal growth game , Digimon of 15 or more in total can be cultivated for the first time.
A total of six Digimon such as “Diabolomon”, “Tyranomon”, “Bellstarmon” newly appeared X-evolved. In addition, booklets that illustrate the setting of the stage of the toy are also included.

Furthermore, from the voting project “Digimon X Antibody Super Voting” by users which took place from 27th July to 20th August 2018, the Digimon who won 1st and 2nd place has evolved to become X antibody Digimon and included.