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Release Date: 19 September 2024

"How did I end up here?"

The main character Hisora lost his family when he was a teenager, and now gets by working a menial part-time job.

One day while working his job, Hisora notices a young man in mourning clothes who drops a bouquet of white flowers while heading into a dark alley.

Unable to let it be, Hisora picks up the bouquet and follows him. However, after passing through the long, dark alley Hisora loses sight of the young man and finds himself standing at an Inn, the entrance to another world. While dazed, Hisora is welcomed by the Inn's residence and hears something that surprises him.

This is a world where death is a far-away concept.

There's a man who walks around with a crushed head and a child who plays with his own head as if it were a ball.
And other Freaks with terrifying deformities.

Hisora is the only flesh and blood human, wandering around in this world filled with creepy things. He looks for a way to return to his own world, but there is none.

Hisora searches for a way to return home with the help of the Inn's inhabitants. He ventures into the town, where the scent of the living attracts the dead who live there.

What will Hisora find at the conclusion of his life-threatening search?

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