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Release Date: 3 October 2024

The main character, Mei Ayatsuki, an ordinary high-school girl, is transported back in time to the Meiji era by the self-proclaimed magician Charlie, whom she meets on the night of a red full moon. It was a slightly mysterious Meiji period “Tokyo” where the existence of Mononoke was recognized.

With Charlie’s guidance, she arrived at the Rokumeikan. The protagonist sneaks into the party and is met by historical figures such as Ougai Mori, Syunso Hishida, Otojiro Kawakami, Kyoka Izumi, Gori Fujita, Yakumo Koizumi, and Tosuke Iwasaki.

Through her interaction with them, the protagonist realizes that she is a “Tamayori” and has a highly prized ability in the Meiji period that allows her to see Mononoke. Having the ability changes her relationship with them...

In this unfamiliar time, love affairs grow as she comes into contact with good-looking men during her daily life. Will the protagonist be able to return to her original time or...? Does love transcend time and space: ...... How does it end?

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