Brand: Takara Tomy

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-! Moncolle each other violently battle Moncolle fight on top of the ring in the ultra-electric rotary!
With Pikachu (Battle pose).
※ Moncolle other than Pikachu is sold separately.
- Fired Moncolle from the left and right of the shooter, clash in the ring!
In ultra-electric rotary, collide with each other Moncolle!
One shot large reversal in the reverse attack button! Ring out in Seize the victory!

- Set includes: electric unit (1), blister field (1), Moncolle pedestal (2), the pedestal adapter for Moncolle (2), entry shooter (2), the fixed part (6), panel fastener parts A (1) , panel closure part B (1), panel fastener part C (1), a paper panel A (1), a paper panel B (1), a paper panel C (1), dummy Moncolle sheet (paper) (1) , Moncolle fixing band (10), Moncolle Pikachu (Battle pause) (1)

- Age: More than 4 years old

Item Size : 46.7 x 31.8 x 12.1 cm

Condition: Brand New

Brand: Takara Tomy

It import from Japan