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Pocket Monster can lie down; HelloVui (halo buoy) [Pokemon hello E buoy halo atomic bomb series figure skating doll robot TAKARA TOMY]

An E buoy version comes up in popular HelloPika!

I turn around when I talk and, in the voice of the E buoy, am talkative cutely.
I can make cheeks shine and do many gestures and want to talk many times.
As I can play in response to a sound, even anyone can play the foreign one from a small child.
As is pocket size; only in a house together as for the outing!
"I can sleep, and there is HelloPika (halo atomic bomb) a robot of Pikachu elsewhere, too".

■A battery: Single 4 form alkali dry cell *2 (separate sale)
■Target age: 3 years old or older


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