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Seek your glory and dominate the galaxy as Blizzard Entertainment adds another jewel to their crown in one of the most engaging and exciting collections ever - Starcraft II Battle Chest! Test your skills in this exclusive set that includes the magnificent StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and the blockbuster expansion, Heart of the Swarm.

Prepare for a bloody war as the game provides two groundbreaking single player campaigns and first –rate multiplayer action. Choose from three different races, the mysterious Protoss, the nomadic Terran, or the ruthless Zerg, and forge them through an intense all-out interplanetary war to claim victory!

Guide Jim Raynor, the drunkard mercenary captain and his Raiders as they embark into a journey across the galaxy seeking glory, or follow Sarah Kerrigan, the former Queen of Blades, as she vows to seek revenge on Terran Dominion's emperor, Arcturus Mengsk. Enjoy an edgy sci-fi story filled with dark adventure and intrigue, featuring a cast of new heroes and the return of famous characters in the award-winning game StarCraft. Outgun or outwit the enemies with over thirty-seven new units and weapons all in your control. Turn foes into ashes using the Hellion’s flamethrower, surprise them with the acid-spewing Banellings, or unleash the Void Ray’s prismatic beam to obliterate all the nemeses.

The game boasts its new 3D-graphics engine that supports gorgeous visual effects with massive units of army sizes, giving an impressive improvement on the signature elements of the original game, injecting awesomeness in the fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced, competitive real-time strategy gameplay.

To make the game the ultimate real-time strategy game, Blizzard offers an unparalleled online play through, the company’s world-renowned gaming service! Join the global battle, enjoy the co-op games with your friends, play more custom mods in the fully improved StarCraft II Arcade, and lead your army across ranked and unranked brackets for every level of play. The incredible freedom of creating campaigns, maps, and mods using the StarCraft II Editor while sharing them in, will give players the StarCraft experience at its best!

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