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Sacred 2: Ice & Blood Expansion Pack (UK Version) (requires original UK version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel) They will work in the US (or anywhere) if you have both UK versionsBrand New & In Stock Welcome Back To Ancaria!Old friends and new challenges await you in fantastic Ancaria. Conquer the powerful Phoenix, battle against the magic eye and vanquish enormous scarab. Visit new, diversified regions with the magnificent Dragon Mage.The Cursed Forest hides the long forgotten secret of a horrible battle and you will explore the hidden hunting grounds of the Seraphim in the ice cols Crystal Region.The following awaits you: 2 New Region- The blood soaked Cursed Forest and the arctic Crystal Region.The Dragon Mage- A new, powerful character with mysterious skills.Configure and develop- One of seven characters.Call you carrier imp whenever you want, and let him carry your treasure.No enemies, items and end bosses.Over 30 hours of additional gaming enjoyment and adventure in Ancaria.Extras: A huge poster, useful map with the new region of Ancaria.Rated "T" Teen  DVD-Rom for Windows Vista/XPImported from the UK.

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