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After her sailboat crashed in Mount Tikikola Beach, Patty Melton decided to start a new life. She gets a work at Beach Burger. To her surprise, the owners decide to retire and leave her their business. Now, as the main "chef" in Beach Burger, Patty has to spread her franchise all the way to the capital city of Honochuchu.

Burger Island is an action game which simulates a burger restaurant. The player has to prepare burgers, shakes and fries made of over 30 different recipes. The gameplay consists in clicking in the ingredients and placing them in the correct order for each recipe. For a hamburger, for instance, the player has to click in the burger stack to pick one and then click in the grill to start frying it. The player has to wait for it to get well done and then place it in the bread, adding ketchup and the top slice. Each order has a time limit to be done, or else the customer will quit waiting. Also, Patty starts working at 10:30 AM and ends at 9:00 PM, and has to reach a daily goal. If she fails to reach it, she'll lose a life.

Each stage has a different kind of order to be prepared, being it burgers, shakes or fries. At first, Patty knows only one recipe of each kind of order, but in between levels new recipes can be bought. New recipes are harder to prepare, but are also more expensive. Earning more money is necessary as the stages go by due to the higher goals to be reached. As the daily shift remains the same, more expensive recipes are needed to reach the daily goal.

The game has a total of 60 levels and three difficulty levels.

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