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The Nintendo Labo: VR package is the fourth in the Nintendo Labo series and, as we have become accustomed to, includes all the tools we need to make our own creations from cardboard, called Toy-Con creations, enjoy a range of games with them and discover how the unique technology of the Nintendo Switch console brings it all to life. The Nintendo Labo: VR package includes six new Toy-Con devices, including Toy-Con VR goggles that can be combined with other creations to encourage the user to interact with their gaming environment using natural gestures and gestures, and to enhance the Nintendo Labo gaming experience to unprecedented, even more exciting levels. Beat back an alien invasion with the Toy-Con cannon, visit the colorful seabed,

The Nintendo Labo: VR package is not only enjoyable individually, but even an entire company can join in the fun by sharing Toy-Con creations. This group gaming experience is helped by the fact that players can easily insert the Nintendo Switch console into the Toy-Con VR goggles, which is enough to keep in front of their eyes to experience plenty of gaming and experience with it - not even a headband is required.

The starter kit includes Nintendo Switch software and all the raw materials, screen holder and safety cap needed to make Toy-Con VR goggles and Toy-Con cannon. The Starter Kit is a great entry-level experience into the VR world of Nintendo Labo.  

Note: Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con are not included.