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- We are living in the world of Astro Boy!

- Astro Boy became MAFEX and revived in the 21st century!

- Both the best form and outstanding movable area are compatible!
- The strongest action figure!

- Astro Boy's full action figure appeared!
- Reproduce various facial expressions with combination of face parts and EYE parts!
- Imposing posing possible with each part joint movement!
- Jet flame parts at the feet of the flight state, and various scenes can be reproduced with the search light parts!
- The buttocks machine gun is removable magnet!
- Reproduce the mechanism inside the fuselage by replacement body parts!
- Movable figure stand included!

- Prototype Production: PERFECT-STUDIO

Item Size/Weight : 26 x 21 x 6.5 cm / 415g