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The Perfect Weapon for Everyday Gaming.

Whether you're into FPS, RTS, MMO or MOBA, this is your all-purpose laser to get the jump on the competition. With a combined set of features allowing you to fine-tune the DPI, lift-off, and sensor damping, the Philips 2037 lets you take control of the game.

This is the most configurable sensor on the market today. If you're a true tech-head looking to tweak every aspect of your mouse's perfor­mance, this one's for you.

These are the standout features that perfectly complement a standout mouse:

  • Rotational Angle Adjustment—If your grip slightly twists the mouse when you move your hand horizontally, the onscreen response will be slightly angled. Rotational adjustment accounts for this by allowing you to alter the X and Y axes’ alignment.
  • True 8200 DPI—More than covers you, even with a 4K monitor. No trickery, either. You’ll always know you’re getting 100% accurate tracking and genuine data.
  • Automatic Surface Calibration—Measures the surface quality to achieve optimum performance. Switch to manual calibration to fine-tune tracking.
  • Adjustable Lift-Off Height—1mm down to 0.2mm. Lower settings help prevent accidental input after lifting the mouse. Also caters to those who prefer the feel of higher lift-off.
  • Sensor Damping—Tunes out ultra-low sensor deviations (vibration, mouse surface warping) to prevent unwanted cursor input.

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