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[set content]

[1] trial deck
- Card 33 species 33 sheets + set of paper play mat!
- One person of the card is aligned with this one!
※ Aqours members of the card is 27 species, it contains card of music is six.
※ The normal card has become on both sides illustrations, but the collection side of the [trial deck] Recording Card has become to all common pattern.

[2] [Vol.04] pack × 4 pack
- 4 Pack sealed the [Vol.04] of simultaneous release!
- 1 one card to pack + one sleeve has been sealed ♪

[3] Fun Glitter pack! × 1 pack
[Vol.04] of sparkly this set the card is entered only in the special pack!
※ [Vol.04] pack that one + one sleeve from SR card 18 species of recording is enclosed. Rarity of the card other than the SR does not contain.

- More of the set is also easy ♪ storage and portability for after playing into the exterior box
- You can play together with the previous [Sukukore]!

※[Let's start with! The trial set] is different Product specifications.

Item Size/Weight : 14.2 x 7.3 x 4 cm / 120g

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