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■A maker: Hot toys

■An appearance work: アベンジャーズ / endgame

■The product details:
For 1/1 scale "life size masterpiece" of Riki Osako that hot toys give it it and work as series, megaflick action movie "アベンジャーズ / endgame" of Ma Bell is a lineup.
An arc reactor of iron man mark 85 is an appearance on a size of the original scale!

I make an arc reactor of iron man mark 85 to come up for "アベンジャーズ / endgame" three dimensional on the 1/1 scale of approximately 12 centimeters of overall height faithfully!
By the molding technology that is the high quality which the hot toys including the penumbra which the small design of the blue reactor part and the structure that is the mechanical such as artworks at all can thoroughly enjoy boast of, it is the precise finish just like the real thing up to the details. The painting by the technique of the industry leader class is given to express unique metal feel of a material. I put an LED light up function on a reactor part. Furthermore, the point that I am glad that I can attach it to T-shirts by a magnet function and can enjoy an iron man feeling! The base becomes the specifications full of the sense of quality that the logo mark of the movie was garnished with.

This item which flows into it generously, and completed a technique and the experience that hot Toi's exploring evolution cultivated on 1/6 scale and 1/4 scale is always most suitable as interior to color space. "A life size masterpiece" to give it it in the hot toys quality which are not exaggeration even if I say the most precise 1/1 scale in the world, and to do.
I will must keep an eye on this development planned series one after another in future!

[accessories (accessories)]
・Exclusive base

[special function]
・I light it up and function
・Magnet incorporation

■Size: Height: About 120mm/ width: Approximately 110mm (1/1 scale)

■Product specifications: High-end 1/1 scale replica

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