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Full 4K support for ultra-high picture quality

More and more displays are adopting the 4K resolution standard, including TVs, monitors and even smartphones and tablets. With more media being made in 4K - games, movies, TV shows and more - taking advantage of this stunning technology is more important than ever. This HDMI cable offers full 4K compatibility, so you can connect a 4K-compatible device to your corresponding display and watch your media and games come to life.

Perfect for productivity - works with laptops, Samsung DeX and more

Supercharge your workflow. This cable is perfect for casting your laptop screen onto a larger display, so you can give that presentation or show off your work with confidence.

What's more, this cable works brilliantly with Samsung DeX - if you have a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you can take advantage of DeX functionality to transform your device into an office space. This cable would be ideal for connecting DeX to your display.

Universal compatibility with HDMI devices

Don't have a 4K TV or 4K-compatible device? Don't worry. A huge amount of devices and displays on the market support the HDMI standard, so even if you don't have anything capable of 4K, you can still take advantage of the superlative quality and reliability this HDMI cable provides.

1 metre length is just right for any situation

The 1m length of this cable ensures that there won't be any unsightly tangles or annoying nests of cables, but you won't stretch to connect your devices to your TV either. This cable is a great all-rounder for any situation where you need an HDMI connection.

Fully HDCP compliant

This HDMI cable is fully compliant with the HDCP copy protection protocol. This simply means that any content encrypted with HDCP - such as movies, Blu-ray discs and more - can be transmitted via this cable, so you'll never come up against error messages or copy protection blocks when using this cable.

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