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60th Anniversary project from SEGA, The legendary Sega arcade "Astro City" that reigned in the '90s will be revived as "Astro City Mini". You can enjoy the excitement of the arcade at that time in the palm of your hand.

Astro City Mini recorded titles:
- Alex Kidd with Stella: The Lost Stars
- Arabian Fight
- Flicky
- My Hero
- Puyo Puyo Tsu
- Quartet 2
- Rad Mobile
- Scramble Spirits
- Sega Ninja
- Sonic Boom
- Space Harrier
- Stack Columns
- Thunder Force AC
- Bonanza Bros.
- Columns
- Cotton
- Crack Down
- Cyber Police ESWAT
- Puyo Puyo
- Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R
- Gain Ground
- Shadow Dancer
- Shinobi
- Wonder Boy
- Wonder Boy in Monster Land
- Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
- Alien Syndrome
- Alien Storm
- Altered Beast
- Columns II: The Voyage Through Time
- Dark Edge
- Fantasy Zone
- Golden Axe
- Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
- Puzzle & Action: Tant-R
- Virtua Fighter

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