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Out of stock
It can contain one random Figure
Price is for individual blind box
Chocolate Egg Expire Date: 2/2021
★Capacity in the indication: 20 g 
★A lineup: All 19 kinds and secret +1 
[movie Doraemon] 
01.Dinosaur of Nobita 
02.Large temptable place of Nobita 
03.Bottom of the sea ogre Iwaki of Nobita 
04.World of Satan great adventure of Nobita 
05.Fight for space skirmish of Nobita 
06.Parallel Journey to the West of Nobita 
07.Birth of Nobita in Japan 
08.Animal planet of Nobita 
09.The gong lesbian night of Nobita 
10.Description of screw winding city adventure of Nobita 
11.Description of space drifting of Nobita 
12.Robot kingdom of Nobita 
13.Wonder-like errand of Nobita 
14.History of space reclamation of new Nobita 
15.Newly of Nobita flap strong man corps ...; angels ... 
16.Secret tool Museum of Nobita 
17.South Pole Kachi flathead size adventure of Nobita 
18.Lunar orbiter of Nobita 
19.New dinosaur of Nobita 
+ secret 

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