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The Seven Great Demon Lords appear with X-Antibody forms!

Both have Barbamon X, Beelzebumon X, and Leviamon X!
Red has Demon X, and Lillithmon X!
Purple has Belphemon X and Lucemon X!

A total of 41 new Digimon will get their first dot/LCD appearance in this release!

And speaking of new X Digimon...

18 Digimon will get their X-Evolution forms for this release!

Both will get Numemon X!
Red will get DarkTyranmon X and Ophanimon: Falldown Mode X!
Purple will get Impmon X, DarkKnightmon X, and Cheribumon (Vice) X!

The world of the new war of X-Evolution is drawn by a number of designers!

Kenji Watanabe designed Numemon X and Lucemon X.
As'Maria designed DarkKnightmon X and Leviamon X
Moriyama Soh designed DarkTyranomon X and Demon X. He's listed as the arranger for Beelzebumon X, which 'appears' to be in reference to the crown/lightning effects/revision to the design for the X2 to match the other Demon Lords.
Nakano Hayato designed Lillithmon X, Barbamon X, Belphemon X, Ophanimon: Falldown Mode X, Cheribumon (Vice) X, and Impmon X.

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