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-Doraemon's 50th anniversary, and in addition to the Doraemon Nobita's 40th new dinosaur scheduled to be released in the spring of 2020, all 40 past movies have been lined up at once, in line with the memorable timing of the 40th Doraemon movie I will commercialize it.

-Kunut body (40 kinds)
1. Nobita's dinosaur [Released in 1980]
2. Nobita's space exploration history [released in 1981]
3. Nobita's Great Makai [1982 release]
Four. Nobita's Seabed Oniiwa Castle [Released in 1983]
Five. Nobita's Great Adventure in the Makai [released in 1984]
6. Nobita's Small War (Little Star Wars) [Released in 1985]
7. Nobita and the Iron Troops [released in 1986]
8. Nobita and the Knight of the Dragon [Released in 1987]
9. Nobita's Parallel Saiyuki [Released in 1988]
Ten. Nobita's birth in Japan [published in 1989]
11. Nobita's Animal Planet (Planet) [Released in 1990]
12. Nobita's Drabian Night [Published in 1991]
13. Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds [Published in 1992]
14. Labyrinth of Nobita and Tinplate (Labyrinth) [Published in 1993]
15. Nobita and the Three Swordsmen [Made in 1994]
16. Nobita's Creation Diary [Released in 1995]
17. Nobita and the Galaxy Super Express [Open in 1996]
18. Nobita's Winding City Adventure Report [Released in 1997]
19. Nobita's Adventure in Nankai [Released in 1998]
20. Nobita's Space Drift [Released in 1999]
twenty one. Nobita's Legend of the Sun King [Released in 2000]
twenty two. Nobita and the winged braves [released in 2001]
twenty three. Nobita and the Robot Kingdom (Kingdom) [Released in 2002]
twenty four. Nobita and the Wonderful Style [Released in 2003]
twenty five. Nobita's Wang Nyan Space-Time Biography [Released in 2004]
26. Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 [released in 2006]
27. Nobita's Great Adventure in New Makai: Seven Wizards [Released in 2007]
28. Nobita and the Green Giant [Released in 2008]
29. New Nobita Space Exploration History [Released in 2009]
30. Nobita's Great Mermaid Battle [Released in 2010]
31. New Nobita and the Iron Man Soldier-Hataketake Angels-[Released in 2011]
32. Nobita and the Miracle Island-Animal Adventure-[Released in 2012]
33. Nobita's Secret Tool Museum (Museum) [Released in 2013]
34. New Nobita's Great Makai-Peko and the Expedition of Five [Open in 2014]
35. Nobita's Heroes of the Universe (Space Heroes) [Released in 2015]
36. New Nobita is born in Japan [released in 2016]
37. Nobita's Great Antarctic Kachi Kochi Adventure [Released in 2017]
38. Nobita's Treasure Island [Released in 2018]
39. Nobita's Lunar Exploration Record [Released in 2019]
40. Nobita's new dinosaur [to be released in 2020]

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