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Powpro PP-BK668 optical axis mechanical gaming waterproof keyboard working with infrared optics to 
open the principle of the trigger,RGB-symphony streamer lamp like a hero blood, 
continuously folwing,every interpertation extraordinary miracter.Optical axis without metal contacts, 
the test results up to 100 million times more than 50% higher than the traditional mechanical axis. 
Hundreds of millions of keystrokes,durable and perfect for your game.

Backlit Adjustment: 
Fn+1:FPS mode 
Fn+2:CF mode 
Fn+3: COD mode 
Fn+4: RTS mode 
Fn+5: LOL mode 
Fn+6: Runaway mode 
Fn+7:NBA mode 
Fn+8: Heart-designed mode 
Fn+9: Custom mode

Operating voltage: DC5V ± 5% 
Operating current: <500 mA 
Keys:104 keys 
Backlit:Multiple mixed Colors 
Compatibility: Win 10/Win 8/Win 7/Win XP/Vista


Powpro PP-BK668 optical axis mechanical gaming keyboard technology working with infrared optics to open the principle of the trigger, more accurate than the traditional shaft of the mechanical spring-type trigger,"Light speed gold
Help you to slam the enemy quickly.
Powpro optical axis total thread 3mm,when pressure 1.88mm is turned on.Trigger faster of 25% than the traditional shaft. Brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters for easy typing even in the dark,no longer worry about time limited.
Compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows 2000,Windows ME.
Infrared optical sensor conduction,the trigger signal isn't similar to the aging of the traditional mechanical axis mechanical. Strong and durable than the traditional mechanical keyboard.
Optical axis without metal contacts,the test results up to 100 million times more than 50% higher than the traditional mechanical axis.
Waterproof shaft structure.Optical axis surrounded by 6mm high relief wall protection.Effectively avoid liquid spilled in.
Optical axis shaft can be easily replaced without professionals.Convenient and easily.

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