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★ Appendix
 ・ "BanG Dream! 8th ☆ LIVE "Breakthrough!" ”
   &“ Morfonica 1st Live “Cantaville” ”
    commemorative key visual poster
 ・ Poster drawn by“ ARGONAVIS Fantome Iris ”
 Vanguard PR card
   “ RAiSe! "UNSTOPPABLE" reprinted in collaboration with
   "Artist Babilsar" "Great Nature"

◆ Next-generation girls band project "Bandri! ] Top feature! !!
 ・ [Stage] "We are RAISE A SUILEN
   ~ BanG Dream! The Stage ~ ”
    10,000 people were enthusiastic about BanG Dream! The first stage photo report! !!
 ・ [Interview] Interview just before Morfonica live!

◆ Autumn "D4DJ" special feature at the end of the book! !!
 ・ "D4DJ CONNECT LIVE" full power report!
   An exclusive interview with "Lyrical Lily" who finished his first performance !
 ・ Continuous illustration project "Illustration Scratch"
   This month, from Photon Maiden, Hanamaki
 Otowa ♪ ・ The second short story "Lyrical Lyric" presented by Ko Nakamura and Yache! !!

◆ "Card Fight! !! Vanguard ”special feature! !!
 ・ Introducing BP "Aoki Tenarashi"!
 ・ The recommended deck of the editorial department of "Kaigen Ryukoku" has been released! !!
 ・ Animation "Card Fight! !! Vanguard Gaiden If-if- "
   & ZERO information! !! !!

◆ "Mix Mix" Miku Ito Center Gravure! !!

 * "D4DJ-4 frames mix! -”(☆ New serialization)
    Manga: Shirokuma Original plan: Bushiroad
 *“ SHIROBAKO ”(◎ posted on business trip)
    Drawing: Yatomi Composition: Rina Fujita Original: Musashino Animation
 *“ Akira Ishida's event report NUMA exploration ”
    Manga: Akira Ishida

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