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Upgrading decks of beloved characters!
Gao Mikado, Kyoya Gaen, J Genesis, and Ku Teito are getting long awaited power-ups!

New attributes for Hero World!
Assembling the great heroes and mechs! Form a new deck with these new attributes or strengthen your existing decks!

Gaos Buddies United! "Drum", "Bal" and "Batzz" band together with new abilities! They will greatly reinforce Gao's decks! 

Kyoyas decks leveled-up!
The powerful additions inject new life into cards from "Dragon Zwei", including "Azi Dahaka" and "Gaen"! Supporting cards for "Dragon Ein" will also be included!

Primary Worlds & Card Types
Included Worlds: Dragon / Darkness Dragon / Hero Total: 67 types
BR: 2 / SP: 4/ RRR: 6 / RR: 12 / R: 18 / U: 25
*Specifications are subject to change

Product Specifications
? Product specifications may be subject to change.
Actual product may vary from the image shown.
7 cards in 1 pack
Every pack guaranteed one RR or above and two R rarity cards!
Parallel foils of uncommons and rares are randomly inserted