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E.T. dazzles with a lovely, beautifully restored and, yes, filmic 1080p/AVC-encoded video transfer supervised and approved by Spielberg himself; one that I can't imagine will generate many, if any, serious complaints. For those who've long railed against Universal's treatment of its catalog titles, take this moment to breathe a hard-fought sigh of relief. E.T. doesn't exhibit any signs of problematic filtering, unnecessary tweaks, noise reduction or, really, any other technique that might undermine its textures' integrity, reduce its grain to a soupy mess, or subvert Spielberg's intentions or Allen Daviau's photography in any way. Simply put, E.T. has never looked better, never been more faithful to its original presentation, or exhibited more life and vitality than it does here. Colors are warm and pleasant, with wonderfully saturated skintones, bright primaries and satisfying contrast. (Black levels are often a touch muted, but very little appears to be out of sorts.) Detail is excellent as well, even if soft shots are fairly common and special effects sequences come with a slew of inherent anomalies (the most distracting of which involves general, image-wide disruptions most noticeable in the night sky). The key word there, though is "inherent," as none of it appears to trace back to anything other than the source. Otherwise, edges are clean and refined (with only the slightest hint of intermittent ringing to be found), fine textures are nicely resolved, a variety of shots are far more revealing than I anticipated, delineation is commendable, and there isn't any significant artifacting, banding or aliasing to report. Perfect? Not quite. As close to perfect as could feasibly be achieved? I suspect so. Fans will be most ecstatic, Universal skeptics will be most surprised, and everyone in between will be most impressed.

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