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For Jap game. This software is only playable on Japan 3DS console


The game also debuts new Yo-kai in the game and a new type of Yo-kai has been announced as well known as the "Merican Yo-kai", that are wandering in the places of St. Peanutsburg. A new tribe has been announced as well, known as the "Hagure" tribe. There's also new Legendary Yo-kai, including ones known as "Merican Legendary Yo-kai", and a brand new group of Legendary Yo-kai called the "Great Legendary Yo-kai". There's also the Sushi exclusive KK Brothers and the Tempura exclusive Tomnyan.

A group of Yo-kai called the "Seven Lucky Yo-kai Gods", which appear when a Dream Medal is scanned, different for each Yo-kai, by either the New Nintendo 3DS screen -depending on which version of the game is being played-, the DX Yo-kai Watch Dream toy, the Yo-kai Blaster toy, and the Yo-kai Dream Roulette; in all cases allowing the player to battle and try to befriend one of the Yo-kai for a day. Much like in Yo-kai Watch 2, some Yo-kai can be befriended only separately in one version or the other. Like Yo-kai Watch 2, yo-kai are still able to follow you in the overworld. There are over 600 kinds of Yo-kai to can make friends with and use in battle.