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3Ds-M12 hologram projector, designed for your 1/6 12" figure.


1 Side viewing
Plug and Play
Adjustable top LED Spot Light
Built in speakers
Remote Control
compatible for HDMI and VGA Input


Chassis: Metallic
Consumption: 25W
Rating: 100~240v, 50-60 Hz
Screen Size: 16:9
Resolution: W900 x H1400 px
Video Input: HDMI, VGA, USB
Content: MPEG4, WMV9
Sound: built in speaker, Stereo
LED Lighting: 10W, 12V
LED Driver: Adjustable
Input: USB
Display Area: W230 x H370 mm
Space for Product: W200 x D75 x H300 mm
Dimensions: W290 x D458 x H415 mm
Weight 15 kg