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For Jap game. This software is only playable on Japan 3DS console

The new Chocolate Dog game is finally beginning to take shape. With its full name Choco Ken no Chokotto Fushigi na Monogatari: Shokora Hime no Mahou to Recipe, the game shall simply be referred to as simply Chocolate Dog, but in a twist to the NDS Choco Ken games, the 3DS entry is beginning to look a lot like Fantasy Life with a ton of Action RPG features.

The storyline reads something like the Strawberry Hero has asked you (the Chocolate Dog) to make sweets for the Princess Chocolate to save the Chocolatier Kingdom. It’s not that simple as you must walk across woods and into dungeons whilst fighting monsters such as pumpkins, trees, dragons and the typically treacherous enemy: the carrot. The Chocolate Dog RPG hits Japanese stores on 9 October.

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