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6 cards in 1 package & 10 packages in 1 box. 60 cards.

[Foil stamping partner card! ]
-Instead of the conventional BOX PR, one foil in one BOX, a partner card with foil stamping specification is enclosed in the pack!
-In addition, in rare cases, a special partner card with a serial number may be included.

[Luxury stamped sign card! ]
-May contain a stamped card with the recorded talent.
-May you get one of your favorite!

[Recorded many illustrations drawn by Re Bath original! ]
-Character cards using deformed character illustrations of all recorded talents and illustrations drawn by many guests are Reverse cards!
-You can enjoy various illustrations such as illustrations based on the distribution so far.

[Build your own deck and enjoy yourself]
-You can mix and play with 6 types of trial decks released from August to October.
-In addition, since the booster pack has less constraints on deck construction, it is a title that makes it easy to build a deck with a lot of your own inspiration.

[Recording talent (honorific title omitted)]
-Toki no Sora / Roboko / Sakura Miko / Hoshigai Suisei / Night Sky Mel / Aki Rosenthal / Akai Hato / Shirakami Fubuki / Summer Color Festival / Minato Akua / Murasaki Sion / Hyakki Ayame / Healing Moon Choco / Ozora Subaru / Ogami Mio / Nekomata Okayu / Inugami Korone / Pekota Rabbita / Rusui Junba / Flair Shiranui / Silver Noel / Hokane Marin / Amane Kanata / Coco Kiryu / Wounded Square / Regular Darkness Towa / Luna Himemori

[Neo Standard Construction Category]
-You can build a deck only with card numbers starting with [HP/].

[Number of card types]
-Normal: 125 types
-Parallel: 125 types or more
*Excluding 27 types of partner cards

-Gold and silver campaign: Target products

Packaging box is for protection only. Dents or scratches on
the packaging box surface caused by delivery are not included
in the Exchange & Refund policy.

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