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- TF Rebooted popular characters of the past! Realistic battle scenes are reproduced with 3 mm boss and 5 mm hole that can fit effect parts, weathering, weapons and effect parts, and a wide range of joint movements.
- It is a completely new series to reproduce the battle of super robot life bodies fulfilled in their mother star, Cybertron star with the new TOY concept!

- Transform from robot mode to vehicle (fighter type).
- With effect parts that express jetting from Vernier.
- Mercenary who changed from Decepticon to Autobot.

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Main body × 1, mask parts × 1, armor parts × 1, weapon × 8, effect parts × 6, owner manual × 1

Condition: Brand New

Item Size/Weight : 32.8 x 28 x 12.5 cm / 1203g