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The Ace Trial Deck Vol. 2 Legend of Double Horus includes:

- a preconstructed 53 deck 
- life counter 
- a game guide 
- a game pad

Manufacturer Information: 
Check out this new pre-built deck that Yuga's new rival uses! 
This deck contains exciting new cards along with exiting popular & powerful cards from Legend World. 
Constructed for all new and veteran players alike, this deck is easy to use but challenging to master. 
Booster Pack Vol. 5 ー War of Dragods includes many cards that synergize with this deck! So be sure to optimize your deck with cards from the booster release! 
Chance to get a foil flag! 
One set out of the six decks (in 1 display) has a RR-foil character-flag card (instead of normal card) hidden inside it! Will you be the one to pull it? 
53-cards, life counter, manga / rule sheet, deck analysis / paper playmat
1/6 bonus chance to get RR-flag with character art!

English edition - NEW & OVP!