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Compile HeartandGalapagos RPGare bringing us a brand PS4 title (the first of many we hope!)- mixing elements of the Idol simulation and JRPG genres into a stunning new IP! Set to be the first 1080p JRPG for the PS4, Omega Quintet will feature stunning artwork fromFukahire.

The game follows protagonist Takuto as he manages and protects the 'Verse Maidens', five pop idols (Otoha, Kyoka, Kanadeko, Nene, and Aria)who have the ability to defeat the invading 'beep' with the power of theirsong and dance!

Alongside detailed descriptions of the pop idol's personalities Compile Heart have already included descriptions of their richcast of charactersthat hint at a number of clashing personalities and budding friendships.

The combat and gameplay seems to imply a turn-based RPG, but it would not be a true Compile Heart game without theconfirmedSenran Kagura-inspired desctructable clothing (and big numbers when you attack, lots of big numbers)!

As a genre crossover don't expect fighting to take up all your time, you have some idol managing to do! Compile Heart have released a video showing off the "PVS" (Promotion Video System)a feature in the game that lets you make your own dance videos - allowing you to customize the live performances to your liking.