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Release Date: 10 April 2020

Regular Edition

  • Game only

Deluxe Edition

  • Deluxe Edition Package (Game on 2 Discs)
  • Hardback Artbook
  • Mini-Soundtrack
  • Sephiroth Steelbook Case
  • Cactuar Summon Materia DLC
They are coming back to Midgar… Mako Reactors are draining the life energy of the planet. The Shinra Corporation rules over a corrupt surveillance state. A few prosper, the rest are left to rot in the city slums of Midgar. That changes tonight. The elite mercenary and ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife has been hired by the resistance movement AVALANCHE to fight back. Their mission will change the world forever.

P.S. FF7 Box Art is not finalised, DLC and Reversible posters only available while stocks last.
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