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Traffic Giant
Stuck in a traffic jam for hours. Expensive tickets. Waiting eternally for the next bus. Crowded and suffocating trains. Public transport can often be a nightmare!

Now you can show how much better you can do! You get to manage an entire fleet of buses and their routes. With skilful route planning and the use of the most modern vehicles, you can cut waiting times and make your passengers happy. Experience this highly detailed and unique simulation of traffic in large cities.

Transport Giant
It’s 1850 and the world is changing and growing. It’s the beginning of the era of mass production and mass transportation. As a resourceful entrepreneur, you can take advantage of all the great new possibilities. Create a transport empire with low starting funds and a good business idea.

The time has come to build up a powerful transportation company. Inland transportation has become extremely popular and the old transportation systems cannot carry the load. Make smart decisions and invest your money wisely, to establish a growing  transportation company. You’ll need everything you’ve learned up to now, to survive throughout two hundred years of alternating economic situations and demands. The days of the steam-locos are almost over. Soon you’ll need monorails or even superconductor trains to do the job.

Hotel Giant
Enter the challenging tourism industry and test your skills by building, designing and managing a top hotel in any of 23 exotic locations. As guests go about their lives, you can follow them around and find out exactly what they like and dislike about your hotel. You can then use this information to improve your customers stay to earn more money.

Innovative gameplay, an intuitive interface, superbly detailed graphics and incredible depth combine superbly to make this a hugely enjoyable and entertaining game.

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