Valkyria Azure Revolution

Valkyria Azure Revolution

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Platform Sony PS Vita Sony Playstation 4
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Expected release date: 19 January 2017

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Subtitles: Chinese

The small country of Jutland is economically blockaded by Rus, a powerful empire that expanded its territory and achieved rapid industrial development after discovering the azure mineral Ragnite; this mineral is used as an energy resource, but also has magical properties. Wanting independence from colonial rule, Jutland strikes the base of the empire's army. In addition to humans, the game world is inhabited by Valkyria; they are "supernatural" in comparison to humans, and close to being gods. Players take the role of Amleth, the commanding officer of Jutland's elite anti-Valkyria unit. Among other characters are Jutland's princess Ophelia, and Brynhildr, a Valkyria who is on the Rus empire's side.