Skylanders Imaginators - Crystal (Light)

Skylanders Imaginators - Crystal (Light)

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Product Description

This entry is for the LIGHT Crystal.

Creation Crystals are toy figures introduced in Skylanders: Imaginators; magical vials with an Imaginite crystal inside. They allow players to create and transport their Imaginators to consoles at anytime and anywhere. Creation Crystals are elementally aligned and can be edited at any point, but Portal Masters can create only one character per Creation Crystal. It is also seemingly not possible to reset Creation Crystals, making Battle Class, levels and upgrades permanent.

Each Creation Crystal consists of two parts; the central crystal piece and a casing. Each of these has ten different designs, available in 31 unique combinations. All designs are available in three Elements, apart from the cube-shaped crystal and the rune-covered casing, which are available in four each. Life features four combinations, while the other nine Elements feature three combinations each.