Bravely Second: End Layer Standard Edition

Bravely Second: End Layer Standard Edition

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Platform Nintendo New 3DS XL
Edition N.A.

Product Description

It's your job to save the land of Luxendarc in Bravely Second™: End Layer, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. In this deep RPG, continue the adventure that began in Bravely Default and explores an enormous fantasy world, filled with exciting new locations, and face enemies in action-packed turn-based battles.

Use a pair of unique battle systems to disrupt the flow of combat and defeat foes.

With the Brave and Default system, characters can go all-out and make multiple moves in a single turn, or hold back to bolster their defences and prepare for future moves. It’s also possible to freeze foes in their tracks entirely with Bravely Second, a time-stopping system that can give you the chance to launch devastating special attacks or heal up in the heat of battle.

Put your skill and your nerve to the ultimate test with 'Bring it on!' After winning a battle in a single turn, brave warriors can immediately start another, more difficult encounter for the chance to earn increasing rewards. Chaining these battles together is a swift way to level up characters and jobs, but defeat means losing everything earned during those battles, so discretion should always be the better part of valour.

Team up with heroes and returning characters to rescue Agnès Oblige from Kaiser Oblivion’s Skyhold.

Balance risk and reward in deeply strategic battles.

Switch between 30 unique jobs for numerous tactical possibilities.

Streamlined systems make swapping strategies easier than ever.